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Jira & Toggl tools 

Jiggl is an extension for chrome browser that makes it easy to sync worklogs between Toggl and Jira - always for free.

Main features:

  • Log Toggl time entries to Jira worklog.
  • Automatic time round by user preferences.
  • Support for multiple Jira servers.
  • Start Toggl timer from Jira issue and merge request on Github, Gitlab, ... // TBD


Written in Kotlin and compiled to Javascript.

Available on Chrome webstore.

The website you are on right now.

Built as a learning project on Django framework.

Website for kitchen studio KuchynÄ› Slovák, built on custom PHP framework

Together with my friend OndÅ™ej Šimon we created a website for Jihlava kindergarten for childern with special needs.

Website is designed to keep records about clients and employees of kindergarten. It also allows to export records as PDF.



An Android application that displays informations about runtastic activity in LG QuickCircle.

An Android app created for Recon Jet smart glasses that helps with fartlek trainig. It shows training intervals and heart rate. HR monitoring device can be connected via bluetooth of ANT+.

The app was created within grant project The use of smart mobile technologies in sports/fitness and nursing care during my studies on university.


Jihlavské listy XXII 2015 p. 11